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August 2022
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Whether you have a store set up with Amazon now or you're thinking about it, now is the time to get on board the right way! Set up your business with Amazon for scalability and financial success. Avoid the pitfalls of product reselling, channel conflict, bad advertising, and chasing reviews. 

Learn how to set up your store, how to market your products, and how to get those ever-so important customer reviews that make or break your brand.

Also learn how to do the proper market research, source suppliers, and build your own brand.

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Are you ads not converting? Not getting the sales you wanted on your last launch? Not sure how to set up your site and email messaging to launch your new product and/or service? 

In this episode I'll show you how to set up your sales automation funnel using wordpress and email marketing software for the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. Build the excitement around your launch and learn from your customers as you go to market. Even get reviews from them to support the launch as social proof.

Stop doing everything manually and use the tools you have to create a virtual sales force.

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Forget those 80 page business plans, that serve as paper weights. You need a lean, fast, effective plan that clears the path for business success. After years of searching for new businesses, starting a bunch of them and failing in almost everyone I figured it out. 

The model worked so well, that it help launch number 1 brands in North America. Learn the step-by-step plan and learn from my failures as you build a successful business.

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How would you like to only pay marketing dollars only when you sell something? Well that's the way affiliate marketing works, also known as pay-for-performance marketing. 

In this podcast episode I'll breakdown what affiliate marketing is, where to go to start using it whether you have a digital good or physical good. How to select the right affiliate and what you can expect to pay to get going. Some brands have built empires in the multi-millions completely relying on affiliate marketing. Isn't it time you joined the profitable side of marketing?

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Let's face it... traditional image advertising is cool and we all aspire to hire high-priced directors to tell a movie-like story through million-dollar, then brag to our friends on what a big deal we are. All you need is about $20 million to do that, so let's leave that for the fortune 500.

Now let's talk about the other 99% of business owners, marketers, and entreprenuers. You need to sell product when you advertise, so you can do it again and grow your profits. With direct response you can test whether you have the right product, service, offer, audience and sales process before you invest.

In this episode I'll breakdown the benefits of DR, where to advertise, how to set it up, and the tools you need to succeed.

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Email is still the #1 killer app and can change your business when used as a focal point for list building. Learn how to choose the right email system for you, how to set it up for best results, strategies on lead nuturing and how to close the sale.

After email is set up with your sales funnel then the next step is list building. Learn what you need to do on your site, social channels, and using partners to build a list that can increase profits for your business with your products and other businesses.

Direct Response marketing works... hands down. Leveraging the power of influence and mental triggers to get the prospect to convert to a customer. Once the domain of print, TV and Radio and the folks with bigger budgets... DR now is accessible to anyone through powerful tools Facebook and Twitter have made available.

In this episode learn how these powerful social networks can help you find the right target audience for maximum profit, how to set up your ads and how to fast track your profits.

The lure of the mass market and being in Walmart or other mass retailers is very strong. Any marketer or entrepenuer would love to see their product there. Having experience working with those retailers I know that it takes a lot of resources, top logistics management, deep pockets for mass advertising and in-store promotions. On the other hand for niche products you can be #1 in your category with smaller key distribution, very clear targeting for your audience, and to focus your ad dollars.

The nice organic and controlled way to grow is to go niche, then grow to mass to help manage cash flow, generate demand and follow the product adoption curve with innovators, early adopters, the influencers, the mass and then the laggards.

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The biggest obstacle to your success is you. Self doubt, procrastination, shame, and fear can hold you back from realizing your true potential. You're not alone we all face it and I have too. I've tackled it and share my journey with you. If I can get out of my way so can you!

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Compete with the big brands on a right from your home office. Discover how you can change the game and compete with global brands on the same media they are trying to figure out; YouTube, Vimeo, Tubemogul, Amazon, iTunes, Email, etc.

The era of mass marketing is coming to a close and laggard brands and agencies haven't yet figured it out, which leaves a huge opportunity for you to take some share and grow your business.

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Based on years of experience in business working for great leaders and eventually finding myself in a leadership role I've boiled it down to some core principles that inspire people to follow you, believe in you, and trust you to bring them to success.

In this episode discover what those principles are to develop your leadership influence and bring your business to the next level.

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#1 Selling Product Creator Formula Revealed. Create #1 products online, at retail, and enjoy the profits… FAST. I'll show you how to research the competition at retail and big online retailers like Amazon, then how to beat them to become #1. It's time to launch and climb the charts to #1.

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Learn how to map out your content marketing strategy to position yourself as an expert and get new customers. Attract customers, keep them and grow them as a publisher that owns the media, gets it shared and becomes more profitable.

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SEO used to be the #1 tactic for internet marketers to drive a lot of traffic by gaming the system. Now it's all about valuable, relevant content, contextual search, integrating with social, and of course smart keyword marketing. Some of the principles still apply and I'm going to show you how to set up everything to get give you a leg up on the competition.

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Search Engine Marketing when used properly can be a powerful marketing medium for large and small internet marketers alike. Learn what ad platforms make the most sense for your business; YouTube, Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads, etc.

Plus, you'll learn how to structure your ad buying strategy to maximize exposure and profit that you may be leaving on the table today. Additionally, learn how to calculate the proper cost per click to get the profit you need.

Also, discover how to make your landing page sell to bring your profit to the next level!

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How to Use Social Media for Your Business

Discover what your business needs in the social media world. With so many social media tools and networks today you need clarity. What tools do you use and how do you use them? Social media is a micro-publishing distribution network, so I help bring some vision to your business on what to do with the lens of becoming a publisher of content to help connect with your customers. 

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Confused on whether to use SEM or SEO as a sole traffic builder? Take the guess work out of it as you'll learn how to work with both to bring in more traffic to your website.

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Darren shares with you his experience in building creative for #1 brands in the world.

Discover how to actually go through the process of building marketing creative that actually works. From the initial business concept, to marketing plan, communication plan, creative brief, to the final creative that turns prospects into customers. 


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The first episode of The Marketer's Commute with host Darren Contardo will show you the process on how to create your brand identity. What is important and how to approach it. Build your brand into a leader whether you're a start-up, one-man entreprenuer or a marketing professional.

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