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Today many people sacrifice their health for the pursuit of wealth, then spend most of their money to get their health back. To stay on your A-game and maintain mental acuity, optimize your health, and have great energy you need to focus on three pillars of health.

Sleep, exercise, and nutrition are the three pillars of health that when in balance can make you feel like you're on the top of the world. In this podcast I'll bring you through my journey of poor health and being overweight as a kid to embracing and learning all I could for health optimization for over 20 years, then share those insights on what works including...

  • How to get the best sleep
  • What to eat, when to eat and how much to eat for superior nutrition
  • How to get in health-benefiting workouts in that fit in even the busiest schedule

Although I'm not a nutritionist I've had the blessed fortune of working with the top minds for fitness, nutrition, health sciences, and alternative medicine. Hopefully, you can take some of the strategies and maximize your health so the wealth can follow.

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Let's face it... traditional image advertising is cool and we all aspire to hire high-priced directors to tell a movie-like story through million-dollar, then brag to our friends on what a big deal we are. All you need is about $20 million to do that, so let's leave that for the fortune 500.

Now let's talk about the other 99% of business owners, marketers, and entreprenuers. You need to sell product when you advertise, so you can do it again and grow your profits. With direct response you can test whether you have the right product, service, offer, audience and sales process before you invest.

In this episode I'll breakdown the benefits of DR, where to advertise, how to set it up, and the tools you need to succeed.

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Email is still the #1 killer app and can change your business when used as a focal point for list building. Learn how to choose the right email system for you, how to set it up for best results, strategies on lead nuturing and how to close the sale.

After email is set up with your sales funnel then the next step is list building. Learn what you need to do on your site, social channels, and using partners to build a list that can increase profits for your business with your products and other businesses.

Direct Response marketing works... hands down. Leveraging the power of influence and mental triggers to get the prospect to convert to a customer. Once the domain of print, TV and Radio and the folks with bigger budgets... DR now is accessible to anyone through powerful tools Facebook and Twitter have made available.

In this episode learn how these powerful social networks can help you find the right target audience for maximum profit, how to set up your ads and how to fast track your profits.

The lure of the mass market and being in Walmart or other mass retailers is very strong. Any marketer or entrepenuer would love to see their product there. Having experience working with those retailers I know that it takes a lot of resources, top logistics management, deep pockets for mass advertising and in-store promotions. On the other hand for niche products you can be #1 in your category with smaller key distribution, very clear targeting for your audience, and to focus your ad dollars.

The nice organic and controlled way to grow is to go niche, then grow to mass to help manage cash flow, generate demand and follow the product adoption curve with innovators, early adopters, the influencers, the mass and then the laggards.

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